Courage, tenacity, perseverance!


Who are we?

It is in Charente-Maritime, a department resulting from the fusion of the old provinces of Aunis and Saintonge, that les...
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Where do we come from?

Bourbon-l'Archambault Castle We descend from a very old European stock that comprise four main branches: one from Great-Britain, Archibald, one...
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The future

Everyone knows that since the Quiet Revolution that took place in 1960s in the Province of Quebec and the sexual...
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Letter to the founders of Ville-Marie

To all of you, the first builders of the great city that Montréal has become, we wish to pay tribute...
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Archambault Plates

Silent Witnesses in the History of the Association During the thirty-five years of its existence, the Association des Archambault d'Amérique...
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