The Board of Directors of the Association

The role of the Board is to ensure the smooth running of the Association in all respects in accordance with its charter and by-laws: to bring together people whose surname is Archambault, who are related to or who are interested in the Archambault family; to organize meetings, to publish books, memoirs and newsletters and to promote genealogical and historical research. Currently, nine members are on the board. Each has a particular role to play.


The President, Raynald, sets the agenda and leads the Board, and is responsible for elections and "external" relations, among other things.


The 1st vice-president, Michel P., replaces the president in the latter's absence and is our legal advisor.


The 2nd vice-president, André A., is involved in genealogy, recruitment and is an occasional contributor to the Bulletin. He is also a member of the website committee and a translator.


The Treasurer, Nicole, handles the finances, Bulletin and mailing, is the Registrar and is responsible for the Newsletter.


The secretary, Jocelyne, takes notes of the discussions and writes the minutes.