Archambault Plates

Silent Witnesses in the History of the Association

During the thirty-five years of its existence, the Association des Archambault d’Amérique has not only organized general meetings, published newsletters, done genealogical research or organized activities for members, it has also made and continues to make a name for itself through the many plaques it has installed or had installed throughout Quebec, the United States or even in France in the ancestor’s neck of the woods. Below is the list of plaques that you could read if you happen to pass by these places (underlined here in italics) one day.

1984 Inauguration of the well commemorating the one dug by our ancestor. This well is closed by a granite plaque engraved in Jacques’ memory. Place d’Youville, Montreal near the museum of Pointe-à-Callière, QC.


1985  Unveiling of a plaque in memory of the four Archambault brothers who founded this pioneer village on the Richelieu River in 1724. This plaque is mounted on the right side of the church’s central portalh. St-Antoine-sur-Richelieu, QC.
1986  Unveiling of a plaque at the Collège de l’Assomption, in memory of the many Archambault who studied there.  L’Assomption, QC.
1988  Opening of the new Jacques-Archambault Street, located between 83rd Avenue and rue des Capucins. Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC.
Unveiling of a plaque in honour of Louis Archambault, founder of the first insurance company dedicated to French-Canadian craftspeople, now called  the Coopérants. Édifice les Coopérants, rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC.
Commemorative plaque on the walls of the church where our ancestor Jacques was baptized in Dompierre-sur-Mer and unveiling of a stone. Dompierre-sur-Mer, France, Europe.
1991   Presentation of a commemorative plaque in honour of François-Xavier Archambault, first mayor of Dorion. Dorion, QC.
1992 Plaque commemorating our ancestor on the Mac Donald building located at the corner of Notre-Dame and Saint-Laurent Streets. Montréal, QC.
2001 Plaque unveiled on the very site of the land occupied by our ancestor, celebrating the 350th anniversary of this land grant. Cap-Rouge, Québec, QC.
2005  Presentation of two laminated plaques, one with our coat of arms and the other with the family tree of Auguste Archambault, native of Saint-Roch-de-l’Achigan and famous guide of the Oregon trail in the American West. Plates mounted in Florissant, Saint-Louis, Missouri, USA.
2008 Plaque showing well measurements. Place d’Youville, Montréal, QC
2012  Plaque commemorating the 225th anniversary of the Saint-Roch-de-l’Achigan settlement. Saint-Roch-de-l’Achigan, QC.
2016 Laminated commemorative plaque to mark the 110th anniversary of the death of Louis Archambault, founder of the Société des Artisans canadiens-français. This plaque is installed on the right wall in the entrance of the Brasserie Saint-Denis which is located in the building that bears his name. Montréal, QC
2017   Plaque at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, in honour of the Archambault family of Whitehall, Vermont, for bringing the history of canal barges in this region..