The future

Everyone knows that since the Quiet Revolution that took place in 1960s in the Province of Quebec and the sexual liberation that happened every where in the world, the traditional family has been slowly blown apart.  There are no more paternal homes and most of the old people end up in residences.  The Quebecers don’t have any more “un oncle d’Amérique ou des États” (a reference to people who supposedly became rich after moving to the United States). People know less and less the families where they come from.  The young, deprived of traditions and family backgrounds, want to know about their heritage and their future. That is why the meetings organised by family’s associations are so important.

The association Les Archambault d’Amérique was created in January 1983. Its main objective is to create and maintain close and warm contacts between all descendants of Jacques, the common ancestor.  Through the many outings it has organised, and through the constant activity it has maintained, the association has tried to give, without being forceful, the real meaning to the word family and to replace, as far as possible, the grand family reunions that allowed parents, grand parents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles and cousins to keep in touch.

We therefore invite you to join our family association and actively participate in its meetings, outings and periodic celebrations throughout the year.

The benefits of membership:

  • You receive our newsletter, published twice a year, which contains old and recent historical events of Archambault families who have distinguished themselves;
  • You are invited to our various social and cultural activities;
  • You have the opportunity to discover your family history and genealogy;
  • You have the opportunity to contribute in various ways to the life of our Association.

Our association is in good health; it is up to you to keep it alive and make it progress.