Previously published bulletins

The association’s bulletins already published

Since the creation of the Association des Archambault d’Amérique in 1983, we have been publishing regular bulletins in various forms for our members, containing articles on historical events, past and recent, of Archambault families who have distinguished themselves.

The first bulletins were published in French only, later on articles in English were integrated and finally since 2000 we have been publishing a French and English version of the same bulletin.

If you would like to purchase one or more bulletins, please contact us. We have an inventory of paper bulletins that we offer at a reduced price.

You can consult the summaries of these bulletins by clicking on the links below, which will allow you to make your choice.

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Date of publication Click on the link to see the summary
May 2023Summary Bulletin 113
December 2022Summary Bulletin 5 Archambault Houses
October 2022Summary Bulletin 112
August 2022Summary Bulletin 111
June 2022Summary Bulletin 4 Archambault Houses
April 2022Summary Bulletin In Memoriam Donia Loignon
December 2021Summary Bulletin 3 Archambault Houses
September 2021Summary Bulletin 110
June 2021Summary Bulletin 2 Archambault Houses
January 2021Summary Bulletin 1 Archambault Houses
October 2020Summary Bulletin 109
December 2019Summary Bulletin 108
May 2019Summary Bulletin 107
December 2018Summary Bulletin 106
August 2018Summary Bulletin 105
December 2017Summary Bulletin 104
May 2017Summary Bulletin 103
January 2017Summary Bulletin 102
September 2016Summary Bulletin 101
June 2016Summary Bulletin 100
December 2015Summary Bulletin 99
May 2015Summary Bulletin 98
January 2015Summary Bulletin 97
September 2014Summary Bulletin 96
May 2014Summary Bulletin 95
January 2014Summary Bulletin 94
August 2013Summary Bulletin 93
May 2013Summary Bulletin 92
January 2013Summary Bulletin 91
September 2012Summary Bulletin 90
May 2012Summary Bulletin 89
January 2012Summary Bulletin 88
August 2011Summary Bulletin 87
May 2011Summary Bulletin 86
January 2011Summary Bulletin 85
September 2010Summary Bulletin 84
May 2010Summary Bulletin 83
January 2010Summary Bulletin 82
August 2009Summary Bulletin 81
May 2009Summary Bulletin 80
January 2009Summary Bulletin 79
July 2008Summary Bulletin 78
March 2008Summary Bulletin 77
December 2007Summary Bulletin 76
August 2007Summary Bulletin 75
May 2007Summary Bulletin 74
December 2006Summary Bulletin 73
October 2006Summary Bulletin 72
May 2006Summary Bulletin 71
December 2005Summary Bulletin 70
September 2005Summary Bulletin 69
May 2005Summary Bulletin 68
December 2004Summary Bulletin 67
August 2004Summary Bulletin 66
April 2004Summary Bulletin 65
December 2003Summary Bulletin 64
September 2003Summary Bulletin 63
April 2003Summary Bulletin 62
December 2002Summary Bulletin 61
September 2002Summary Bulletin 60
April 2002Summary Bulletin 59
December 2001Summary Bulletin 58
August 2001Summary Bulletin 57
April 2001Summary Bulletin 56
December 2000Summary Bulletin 55
September 2000Summary Bulletin 54
April 2000Summary Bulletin 53
December 1999Summary Bulletin 52
September 1999Summary Bulletin 51
April 1999Summary Bulletin 50
December 1998Summary Bulletin 49
September 1998Summary Bulletin 48
March 1998Summary Bulletin 47
December 1997Summary Bulletin 46
August 1997Summary Bulletin 45
June 1997Summary Bulletin 44
December 1996Summary Bulletin 43
September 1996Summary Bulletin 42
June 1996Summary Bulletin 41
December 1995Summary Bulletin 40
September 1995Summary Bulletin 39
May 1995Summary Bulletin 38
December 1994Summary Bulletin 37
May 1994Summary Bulletin 36
March 1994Summary Bulletin 35
December 1993Summary Bulletin 34
November 1993Summary Bulletin 33
May 1993Summary Bulletin 32
March 1993Summary Bulletin 31
December 1992Summary Bulletin 30
September 1992Summary Bulletin 29
May 1992Summary Bulletin 28
February 1992Summary Bulletin 27
December 1991Summary Bulletin 26
October 1991Summary Bulletin 25
May 1991Summary Bulletin 24
March 1991Summary Bulletin 23
December 1990Summary Bulletin 22
July 1990Summary Bulletin 21
April 1990Summary Bulletin 20
December 1989Summary Bulletin 19
September 1989Summary Bulletin 18
June 1989Summary Bulletin 17
April 1989Summary Bulletin 16
November 1988Summary Bulletin 15
July 1988Summary Bulletin 14
April 1988Summary Bulletin 13
December 1987Summary Bulletin 12
August 1987Summary Bulletin 11
May 1987Summary Bulletin 10
February 1987Summary Bulletin 9
December 1986Summary Bulletin 8
July 1986Summary Bulletin 7
February 1986Summary Bulletin 6
September 1985Summary Bulletin 5
May 1985Summary Bulletin 4
December 1984Summary Bulletin 3
July 1984Summary Bulletin 2
January 1984Summary Bulletin 1