News from the Genealogy Committee

Change in leadership of the Genealogy Committee

Recently, Anne Marie Archambault has made a major change in her life that will continue in Europe. She has therefore ended her mandates for Les Archambault d’Amérique, both on the Board of Directors and on the Genealogy Committee.

She does not give up genealogy or Les Archambault d’Amérique for all that, since as a member of the association, she will undertake research in Europe to trace the line of ancestor Jacques as far back as possible. She will keep us informed of the results of her research.

Thank you Anne Marie for your invaluable involvement in the Genealogy Committee and the Board of Directors of the Archambault d’Amérique!

Monique Archambault has taken over as head of the Genealogy Committee. Our great project will continue under her leadership. Here are the members of the Genealogy Committee:

  • Monique Archambault responsible;
  • André Archambault, researcher;
  • Richard Archambault, researcher.

If you wish to get involved in the work of the Genealogy Committee, do not hesitate to write us at or use the contact form by clicking here.

Progress of the project

Since the beginning of the project in 2019, with the purchase of a MacBook Pro dedicated to genealogy and the Heredis software, the database of Les Archambault d’Amérique has been increased by more than 40,000 individuals over more than 12 generations since the ancestor Jacques.  The entries in the Heredis tree come from various official and reliable sources (parish registers, censuses, notarial documents, military documents and others). Richard Archambault has provided a large quantity of documents, certificates, photos, etc. from official and reliable sources.

Then, Anne Marie and Monique took turns to enter in the database individuals related to the last generations. All the entries they made were also verified. This is essential to enter individuals in a genealogical database.

What’s next?

Since one of the advantages of being a member of Les Archambault d’Amérique is to have the possibility of discovering your family history, your genealogy, we are currently refining the extraction of personalized trees for our members who wish to know their lineage. The difficulty to overcome comes from the fact that several generations of Archambault have produced many descendants.

Also, another project is under analysis: to allow the members of the association to view from the website all the generations of Archambault since the ancestor Jacques, in a secure way. This project will be studied in the coming months.

We will keep you informed regularly of the progress of these projects.

Searching for your ancestors

For those members of the association who request it, we will do a free search for their ancestors. Read the article Searching for ancestors for more information.

If you wish to do genealogical research yourself, you will find in the same article Searching for ancestors relevant information and links to sites of interest that will help you in your research.

Monique Archambault
23 August 2022