Searching for ancestors

Searching for ancestors

We are complex beings with qualities, sometimes gifts, but also weaknesses. All our genetics come from our parents, grandparents and all the previous generations. A beautiful mix!

You like to work the land, you have a gift for music, singing, you are good with your hands, you are sociable, you play tricks, or you are rather lonesome? Which of your ancestors was a musician, a singer, a farmer, an entrepreneur?

Knowing our ancestors allows us to know ourselves better.

Free research for members of Les Archambault d’Amérique

L’Association des Archambault d’Amérique has a database on the Heredis genealogy software that includes over 40,000 individuals. Read the article News from the Genealogy Committee for more details.

For members of the association who request it, we will do a free search for their ancestors.

First, you need to gather as much information as possible. Click here to download a form that will allow you to compile everything you know about your ancestors. Once the form is completed, send it to us by email or by regular mail:

By email:

By regular mail:

Association des Archambault d’Amérique
c/o Nicole Archambault
544, boulevard de Châteauneuf
Boisbriand, Québec J7G 2G8

We will contact you afterwards.

Not a member of Les Archambault d’Amérique? Click here to fill out and submit the membership form.

Searching for ancestors yourself

If you want to do your own research, here are some tips and links to genealogy sites that will help you in your research.

Historical societies

The first step in genealogical research is to consult and become a member of the historical society in your area. A true collective memory, historical societies make their textual and audiovisual documents available to researchers and curious citizens. Subscribers can benefit from their expertise and advice.

Interesting links (in French):

BAnQ (Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec) – 475 Boul. de Maisonneuve Est, Montréal, Québec

Généalogie | BAnQ

Base document – information and chart to be filled in:


Quebec’s civil status records:

The archives of the notaries of Quebec :

Nominal databases (prison records, censuses and many others):

Archives BAnQ

Digitized maps and plans:

Bibliothèque et Archives Canada – 395 Wellington, 3e étage, Ottawa, Ontario

Genealogy and family history:

Genealogy and family history – Library and Archives Canada

Family file:

Fiche de famille-030604.PDF (

Genealogical chart:

Tableau généalogique-030604.PDF (


Fédération québécoise des Sociétés de Généalogie

Société de Généalogie Canadienne-française


Ancestry | Family history

Nos Origines

Genealogy of Canada

Some tips when doing genealogical research on the Web

  • It is very easy to get lost! The most important thing is to stay focused on the primary purpose of your research. If you discover other interesting information, make a note of it along with the reference page where you found it so you can come back to it later.
  • The family is often an invaluable resource and allows you to gather a lot of information from family records.
  • The foundation of genealogy is to check our sources to make sure we are not entering incorrect information.
  • Determine a method of organizing information and maintain it, by generation, by branch, by family…
  • Take breaks, the more time you spend, the less clear you get! Take a few days off, change the individual but don’t forget to write down everything, the successful and unsuccessful searches.
  • If you get stuck, move on to another individual who will perhaps allow you to trace the trail of this ancestor.

In conclusion

The road to knowing our ancestors can be long and winding. We don’t know where it will lead us, but our persistence will be rewarded by the discoveries made along the way.

Monique Archambault
Head of the Genealogy Committee
August 23, 2022