Jean-Jacques Archambault

Our friend Jean-Jacques

Jean-Jacques Archambault left us on December 23, 2001 at the age of 82.

Very few people who have come into contact with him in the course of our activities had any idea of the quality of the man. A graduate of the École Polytechnique in 1944, Jean-Jacques became interested at an early age in the major power grids of Ontario and the United States. He then made a career from 1947 to 1983 at Hydro-Québec.

During this period, he was a lecturer at the Polytechnique (1959 to 1964) and at the Mohammadia School of Engineering in Rabat, Morocco. He was also the coordinator of a laboratory project in Madrid (1972 and 1973) and a consultant in Brazil and Colombia during the 1970s.

Jean-Jacques’ professional action, as part of a research team he led at Hydro-Québec, has produced results that will benefit generations of Quebecers.

Jean-Jacques developed the 735-kV transmission line from Manic II to Lévis. Inaugurated on September 21, 1965, this line showed the full hydroelectric potential of northern Quebec.

The Ordre de technologues du Québec described this achievement as the “innovation of the century” and its members paid tribute to Jean Jacques on March 6, 2001. Despite his poor health, he went to Quebec City for the occasion and talked about the challenge he had faced:

” We had considerable adjustments to make. At the time, we had only 315 kV lines, but considerable and more distant hydroelectric potential throughout Quebec, including Manicouagan, James Bay and Churchill Falls. We had to be able to transport the 5 000 megawatt energy blocks that were there over very long distances and, to do it, we needed to set up a very innovative transport system. “

For a man who had so many qualities, retirement opened a privileged period of activity. He was on a volunteer mission in Peru and on a peregrination in various countries around the world with his wife Denyse, then a lawyer in the Office du Protecteur du citoyen.

Father of Yves and Marie-France, grandfather of Collin, Thierry and Marianne, he showed great interest in the activities of Les Archambault d’Amérique, who benefited from his support.

We share the great sorrow felt by his loved ones. We will remember Jean-Jacques as a simple and generous man.

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