Genealogy Sector for the Archambault D’amérique

To all our group of Archambault d’Amérique, more specifically to our loyal Members

Finally, we have got our Heredis Software, one of the most efficient in genealogy that will give us the flexibility to transfer all the information of our Ancestors, more specifically Jacques Archambault, the first to have landed in America.

Those information were gathered all along the last 30 years by very dedicated Members of our Association. First, we have transferred from André Archambault of Gatineau, part of his Ancestry records with more than 35 000 names. André has cumulated and verified each entry to assure correct information and he has assumed the costs year after year for the benefit of our Association. All this work will permit us to continue to add and search all the Archambault of America in our Heredis Genealogy. We are very grateful to André and his work will make it possible to create Trees for many families, much faster.

With our new Mac Book Pro, dedicated to the use of the Association, plus the Heredis Software, we are in a position to add all the pertinent information with lower costs but also have control on our information so we can assure confidentiality.

We continue to enter more information and we have actually around 40 000 entries on Members of Archambault families. It is a lot of work already done but it is only a small part of what we still have to do. With André and Richard’s collaboration, who has also worked and cumulated a lot of entries for our Archambault Tree, we should be in a position to create new Family Tree for our Members.

Because of the Covid Pandemic, we could not meet for more than a year but now that things seem to get back to a certain normality, we are ready to plan meetings to continue the good work in searching new information and registering new families.

We have formed a new Comity that is composed of:

  • Anne Marie Archambault Leader of the Genealogy Sector
  • André Archambault Founder of the Archambault Genealogy on Ancestry
  • Monique Archambault Comity Member and office automation specialist
  • Richard Archambault, Comity member with confirmed competence in Genealogy

We are conscious that a lot of work is ahead to satisfy the needs of all our Members but we are ready to spend the hours needed to produce different and individual Genealogy Trees according to the needs of our Members. We have to collect photos, birth certificates, marriage and death certificates, etc..

Through our new website and also with the newsletters, we will keep you informed of the situation and all pertinent news. We are giving priority to our Members who wish to have their family entries on our Heredis, to complete our form which is below.

Genealogy Form – Archambault Family

Anne Marie Archambault – July 9, 2021