Genealogical research

For the great majority of French families in the province of Quebec, it is relatively easy to trace back their forebears. This is because Henri IV, the good king Henry, had the brilliant idea, when he decided to restore the royal authority and reorganise the administrative structure of France, to make the parish priests the first ones responsible of registering births, marriages and deaths.

From that moment on, the priests, who had been carrying this task for the nobility, started recording in the parish registers, the names of all the children who were baptised, including those who were not of noble extraction.  Since most of our French forebears were born at the beginning of the XVII century, they, and all their descendants born in New France, got their certificate of birth.  Consequently, French Quebecers of catholic faith constitute a society that is  one of the most « registered » in the world and one where the genealogical research is the easiest.

In the last decades, interest for genealogy has considerably grown.  For many, tracing their origin has become a passion, and for others a social and cultural hobby.

One who knows the names, first names and wedding dates of his grand-parents on both sides of his family, can, starting around 1640, find seven to ten first names simply by going back in time and making links between fathers and sons. Taking in consideration all the collaterals, one can thus collect the names of between 1200 and 1500 individuals. Since each one of those forebears has left some of his or her genes in the genetic pool, each one discovers that he/she is an integral part of a human group called a family and of the history, big and small, of his country.

The genealogy of the Archambault d’Amérique, an inspiring project!

 There are more than 20 000 individuals named Archambault in Canada.  In order to store the information concerning those individuals, we have acquired the most recent version of the Heredis software and a computer mostly dedicated to genealogy. This will allow us to keep all the genealogical data of all the persons named Archambault in a safe place.

We already have set up a data bank that regroups more 40 000 names and documents, but in order to make sure that  this bank will grow, we need to put in place a structure that will insure an optimal treatment of data.  This is a great and inspiring project in which all the members of the Association will be able to take part.

Here are the principal steps that will allow us to reach our goal:

  • Collecting information from the members of the Association
  • Integrating the data collected into the Heredis software
  • Making sure the data has been inserted and that the information is correct
  • Creating genealogical trees by family for the members of the association Les Archambault d’Amérique

 Apart from the genealogic tree of your family, you will, as members of the association, :

  • You will receive our newsletter, published twice a year, which contains historical events from past and recent Archambault families who have distinguished themselves;
  • You will also receive our Newsletters published regularly throughout the year;
  • You will be invited to our various social and cultural activities;
  • You will have the opportunity to discover the history of your family, your genealogy;
  • You will have the opportunity to contribute in various ways to the life of our Association;
  • You will see the spirit of solidarity of your family.
Our association is in good health; it is up to you to keep it alive and make it progress.

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